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i.f (Information Fact)

bit of intelligence flashcard

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    ~ 25 March 2014 ~

Reading Program

Reading is an important element in multiplying your child's intelligence and creativity.

The earlier a child reads, the more he is likely to read and the better he reads. Children can read words when they are one year old, sentences when they are two, and whole books when they are three years old – and they love it.

The trouble is we made the print too small.

Ideally your child should be more than six months old. We start by showing your child three sets of five to ten words. If possible, these sets are to be shown at least three times a day to your child. Each session should be at least 30 minutes apart. Sets shown less than three times will be pushed back to the next day. Everyday, some words will be retired and new words will be added. We start with single words first, followed by couplets, phrases, sentences and books.

For Reading Flashcards, we have "words only" flashcards and "words and pictures" flashcards. With our automated tracking system, you just need to enjoy the reading session with your child without worrying all the hassle of keeping track of your cards.

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